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Florida has a unique collection of hundreds of dialects and languages. Children must assimilate to learning the English language sometimes in communities where multilingualism is common. The EVS Education Foundation offers ELL (English Language Learning) and at risk students resources to support their education. Resources such as home and school support, tutoring, translators, home computers, and classroom resources for many of these students are just some of the basic needs. Improving education and improving the quality of life for others is our mssion.

Our foundation awards funds with a limited amount of bureaucracy, unlike large public organizations. There  are many ways for families most at risk to receive support, but the individualized attention is unlikely and for the most part does not exist with continuity. In addition, we are on the cutting edge of innovation. We deliver services that are based on the most current research, methods and resources that are mainstream nationally in education. We strive for excellence and satisfaction on behalf of our clients in all that we do. 

Most importantly, we provide services on a case-by-case basis to personally deliver to students and their families the tools that will help their children succeed in school.  For decades studies have proven that tutoring helps drive academic achievement , increased test scores and academic proficiencies. Unfortunately, many students simply never receive the proper help that they deserve. You can share in our mission by offering a sponsorship or a donation! With your help, students can become more confident and be given an opportunity to better prepare for high school and college graduation. Please, give to the EVS Education Foundation. Your gift is an investment that will help grow young minds and a brighter future for the next generation. 

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